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A significant part of the divorce process involves deciding what your life will look like after the divorce is final. Marital asset division involves an equitable distribution of property that was acquired during the marriage. At Newberry Law, P.L.L.C., we believe that the best solutions are the ones that are tailor made. We are dedicated to this belief as we represent clients in community property division. We can protect your rights and ensure that your marital contributions are fully considered.

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How is Property Divided in Texas?

Texas is a community property state, which means that any property obtained by the parties (with some exceptions) during the marriage must be shared equitably between the partners. If you wish to exclude some property from distribution, they will need to prove that the property was owned separately from the marital assets, or that you inherited the property, or that the money or property was given to you as a result of pain and suffering through a lawsuit. Identifying separate property can be a complicated process for any marriage — particularly for long-term marriages. Our firm is adept at handling complex property division as well as more simple matters.

Joe Newberry and his legal staff are proficient in tracing assets to prove original and continuing separate ownership. No matter how complex your property division will be, they are prepared to help you reach a fair and equitable settlement.

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