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People who seek help from a Divorce Lawyer in Austin often have a lot on their minds. They want to resolve issues regarding child custody, marital property division, spousal support and other divorce matters. They wonder who will pay child support, where the kids will attend school and who will keep the family home. If you have questions about what your life will look like after your divorce, our firm has the answers. Newberry Law, P.L.L.C provides attentive legal services with a top divorce lawyer in Austin to help people reach divorce settlements that meet their goals.

divorce lawyer in austinIf you are experiencing or considering a divorce, we encourage you to contact Joe Newberry, Austin Divorce Lawyer at Newberry Law, P.L.L.C. to arrange your consultation.

Finding Resolution Through Mediation and Litigation

Joe Newberry is a Board Certified Family Lawyer. Since joining the firm in 2007 Joe has represented hundred of clients through the divorce process. While some are more complex than others all of them received high priority by Joe and his staff. We often recommend mediation for reaching settlement agreements involving child custody, support, marital property division and other vital issues. Mediation is cost effective and has many advantages over litigation.

Benefits of using a divorce lawyer in Austin include:

○ The divorcing partners can achieve creative solutions for their unique family situation.

○ The client maintains control of important life decisions.

○ The client does not need to share private family information with a judge, and private family information need not be placed in the public record.

Mediation may not work for everyone, and litigation is sometimes necessary. Hearings and trial can occur when mediation fails and an agreement cannot be reached.

The outcomes from these decisions are extremely important. Joe believes that everybody’s divorce is different — what fits one person may not fit the next. Joe strives to address the important issues, calm clients’ fears and deliver positive outcomes.

There are a lot of Austin Divorce Lawyers. Joe M. Newberry is a board-certified Austin family lawyer, which is a qualification that less than one percent of Texas family law attorneys actually hold.

If you are interested in arranging a consultation with a knowledgeable, caring divorce lawyer in Austin, please contact us today.

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