Steps to Take for an Easier Divorce

Steps to Take for an Easier Divorce

Steps You Can Take for an Easier Divorce

Divorce Lawyer tipsIn most situations divorce can be an emotional, painful experience. As a divorce lawyer in Austin, we would like to offer you some steps you can take to soften the blow and possibly minimize the damage of one of life’s most stressful situations. Because this is such a major life choice, some pain is unavoidable. However, if you can commit to the idea of experiencing a smoother, less vehement divorce, the following list of tips will help you accomplish this.

Divorce Lawyer Tips for the Pursuit of a Less Painful Divorce

You do not have to have a painful, knock down drag out fight in court to successfully divorce your spouse. If you can both commit to cooperating throughout the process to end your marriage it’s possible to achieve a less painful divorce and remain relatively unharmed. If children are involved, pursuing a cooperative divorce will be especially beneficial. That way you can continue moving forward as co-parents in the aftermath of your split with the least amount of disruption for your kids as possible.

Here are our Austin Divorce Lawyer tips that will help you terminate your marriage as painlessly as possible:

Try to Keep Your Divorce Out of Court

Our Board Certified Austin Divorce Lawyer, Joe Newberry offers family law Mediation to his clients. This offers couples an alternative way to work out their differences in front of a neutral third party. Also, a mediation typically takes less time and costs less money. This option is very appealing for those who are interested in eliminating the drama.

Seek Therapy

A great number of people don’t believe therapy is right for them. However, you have to remember that divorce is no minor situation and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help when you need it. Sometimes it’s hard to cope with the stress involved with divorce and a therapist can help you develop the tools you need to succeed. Not to mention, when you’re ready to pursue a new relationship in the future, this can go a long way in setting the foundation for it.

Setting Boundaries

In some cases, couples cannot afford to live apart at the beginning of the divorce process. Sometimes moving out before a divorce is finalized can have a negative impact on the terms of the divorce. On the flip side, it can also be hard to continue to get along once the divorce process begins. This is why it’s crucial to set proper boundaries and navigate the shared space appropriately.

Do Not Act Out of Spite

It’s very common to feel “wronged” by your spouse. One of the worst things you can do is to use your divorce as a means to pursue revenge. Take the high road, by acting out of spite during your divorce you will only make matters worse, make yourself look bad in front of the judge and likely prolong the process. Your Austin family law attorney can help advise you in these volatile situations.

Don’t Try to Hide Any Assets

Of course it’s normal to want to protect your things… but if you get caught hiding them it can result in seriously self-damaging results. Being honest and upfront about separating your marital assets can keep you out of any trouble in divorce court. Austin divorce lawyer, Joe Newberry has represented hundreds of clients with complex property division issues. He knows how to work with asset experts to prove crucial details about ownership and trace assets.

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If you are planning on filing for divorce in Austin you need more than Austin divorce lawyer tips. There are some precautions and steps you can take to make this process less painful and the Austin Divorce Lawyer team at Newberry Law, PLLC can help you. With an experienced Board Certified Divorce Lawyer in Austin on your side, you can rely on us to provide the exceptional legal guidance you need to get through this difficult experience.

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