Austin Divorce Lawyer for Men

austin divorce lawyer for menAre you looking for an Austin divorce lawyer for men? The complex nature of Texas divorce law can threaten Austin fathers’ rights, particularly when it comes to divorce battles in which fault is involved. At Newberry Law, we strive to make our male clients aware of their rights in order that they can protect themselves and their relationship with their children. Even through the most difficult divorce cases.

Alleging Fault In Divorce

Here in Texas, marital misconduct is considered when it comes to dividing the community estate, determining alimony payments, and even deciding custody of children. If one of the spouses alleges fault of the other when filing for divorce, that alleged fault could result in a disproportionate share of property being awarded to the spouse making the allegation.

According to Texas law, fault for the failure of a marriage can include things like:

– Adultery
– Abandonment
– Cruelty

Austin Divorce Lawyer for Men
Can Navigate The Complexities Of Fault In Divorce

In many instances of divorce in Texas, “no-fault” is filed. This means that neither spouse was to blame for the breakdown of the marriage, but that the marriage is simply beyond hope of reconciliation.

However, if fault is alleged, dividing of the estate can become much more complex. In some instances, a spouse may unfairly allege fault in order to attempt to be awarded a disproportionate share of the community estate. In other instances, a spouse may genuinely believe the other party to be at fault, but they may have difficulty proving it.

Both alleging fault or being alleged of fault can be stressful, confusing, and complex. If you are a man currently in these circumstances, it is vital to seek counsel from a knowledgeable family divorce lawyer in order to protect yourself against unfair accusations. Or to pursue fair division of estate in line with the marital misconduct of your spouse.

Austin Divorce Lawyer for Men Fighting For Fathers’ Rights

We at Newberry Law are huge advocates for Austin fathers’ rights when it comes to divorce and are dedicated to fighting for fairness. It is vital that men have an equal and fair opportunity to remain part of their children’s lives after divorce.

Our expertise in family divorce allows us to help fathers who may be involved in high-stakes divorces and child custody battles. If you’re looking for an Austin divorce lawyer for men, please schedule a consultation to discuss your rights as a father and to seek counsel for your divorce circumstances.

Austin Divorce Lawyer for Men
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