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Newberry Law has offices located in Austin, Texas. Joe Newberry is an Austin Family Lawyer that provides legal services to clients with family law needs. Many clients are experiencing divorce and its ancillary issues. Joe is a board-certified family law attorney in Austin. Joe has extensive experience representing clients in mediation and litigation. Please contact Newberry Law today to arrange your consultation in any of the following matters.

Property Division

Divorce can be complex when it involves family businesses, trusts, estates, overseas holdings, out-of-state real estate and other matters. Newberry Law has the capacity to handle highly complex property division cases, and the attorneys and staff can answer any questions you may have regarding separate and community property and advocate vigorously on your behalf. We can protect your economic and non-economic contributions to the marriage, including separate property holdings and more.

Issues Involving Children

Issues Involving Children can be emotionally charged and sometimes contentious. Our firm encourages clients to consider mediation to resolve issues involving child custody, child visitation, interstate custody and relocation. For some people, mediation may not be an option. When litigation becomes necessary, we vigorously advocate on behalf of our clients.

Spousal Support

Spousal Support can be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis. Factors that are considered in determining spousal support include the length of the marriage, the earning capacity of the spouses and possibly other factors.

Modification to a Divorce Order

Modification to a Divorce Order may be requested because of a significant change in circumstance. For child custody, the change could be a parent’s desire to relocate. For child support, a change in circumstance could involve a parent remarrying or a change in either parent’s income.

Common Law Marriage

Common Law Marriage involves many of the same issues as traditional marriage. When a common law marriage ends, the parties can participate in formal divorce proceedings. Newberry Law represents people who have ended common law relationships and have concerns regarding property, debt, and children.

Paternity Cases

Paternity Cases often raise issues regarding parental rights and child custody. Newberry Law helps both mothers and fathers in paternity cases.

Grandparents Rights

Grandparents Rights often become a factor when grandparents wish to step in because their grandchildren are living in unsafe environments because of neglect, drug use, alcohol abuse, physical violence or other factors.

Family Lawyer Services

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