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Family Lawyer ServicesAustin Divorce Lawyer, Joe Newberry joined the firm in 2008 and transitioned the firm to Newberry Law in 2016. He’s not just an Austin Family Lawyer, he is a board-certified family law attorney who will handle your case with care and dedication.

Choosing a family law attorney is a decision that can affect many people for the rest of their life. Any person who is looking for a family law attorney in Austin is in crisis and in need of someone who can provide support. Our firm handles one-hundred percent family law cases and can guide our clients in a respectable and strategic way.

We have handled thousands of family law cases since 1996 and are more than capable to handle any type of case relating to family law. The process of going through a family law case can be a tough one; however, Newberry Law is equipped with staff and attorneys who can make the task less stressful and provide excellent representation at the same time.

Austin Family Lawyer Services

Newberry Law has offices located in Austin, Texas. Joe Newberry is an Austin Family Lawyer that provides legal services to clients with family law needs. Many clients are experiencing divorce and its ancillary issues. Joe is a board-certified family law attorney in Austin. Joe Newberry has extensive experience representing clients in mediation and litigation. Please contact Newberry Law today to arrange your consultation in any of the following family lawyer services in Austin.

Austin Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Taking the first step to seek marital cessation can be a very difficult decision, especially when child are involved. Austin divorce lawyer, Joe Newberry strives to make this process easier for both you and your children. Our legal team provides clients family law services in all areas of family law, with both contested and uncontested divorce situations. At Newberry Law our family law attorney in Austin, Texas listens to you and answers all of your questions. After your consultation, we will evaluate your situation and advise you of all your options under the law in Texas. Not only do we want to help make the decisions that protect your legal rights, but also that are in the best interests of your family and your children.

There’s a lot more going on in your life than just your divorce, that’s why it’s so important to have an Austin divorce lawyer making sure you aren’t taken advantage of. Ending a marriage is never something we take lightly.

Property Division Family Lawyer Services

Divorce can be complex when it involves family businesses, trusts, estates, overseas holdings, out-of-state real estate and other matters. Austin divorce lawyer, Joe Newberry has the capacity to handle highly complex property division cases, and the attorneys and staff can answer any questions you may have regarding separate and community property and advocate vigorously on your behalf. We can protect your economic and non-economic contributions to the marriage, including separate property holdings and more. Many people seek out Joe’s family lawyer services because of his financial background. Property division in a divorce can be tricky and there’s no reason to “wing it”. You need an Austin divorce lawyer to make sure your property is being divided fairly.

Some divorcing couples have many work-related benefits from executive and professional practices. These can include bonuses, pensions, and company property. Trying to divide these without the assistance of a professional Austin divorce attorney can be very problematic.
Marital Property Division
Divorce law is very specific when it comes to marital property, which is why it helps to have an Austin Family Lawyer. Many divorcing couples allow personal feelings take over when dividing each other’s personal property. Therefore it’s important that your Austin family lawyer makes sure that you’re clear on the specifics of your property during the divorce process.
Dividing Businesses
Obviously your business is one of the most important things to you… it’s your livelihood. If you’re facing a divorce it’s important to contact an Austin divorce lawyer as soon as possible to help you divide interests in the company fairly.
Retirement Accounts
There’s no way around it; a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences of your lifetime. Most importantly, there’s no reason your divorce has to affect the future of your retirement as well.

Austin Child Custody Lawyer

At Newberry Law, PLLC, we know any issue of child custody or support can be emotionally charged. Some couples can settle the matter themselves through mediation, but many need to go before a court. Our board certified Austin family lawyer can accompany you with knowledgeable, compassionate representation. The best interests of your child is our number one priority and we are prepared to do what’s right by asserting your legal rights.

Our Austin divorce lawyer, is prepared to assist clients in all family law matters, including issues of child custody, child visitation, child support, parental rights, and the establishing primary residence.

Issues Involving Children can be emotionally charged and sometimes contentious. Our firm encourages clients to consider mediation to resolve issues involving child custody, child visitation, interstate custody and relocation. For some people, mediation may not be an option. When litigation becomes necessary, our Austin child support lawyer vigorously advocates on behalf of our clients. Your children are way too important to seek out family lawyer services. Contact Austin divorce lawyer, Joe Newberry to secure custody of your child.

You can also contact us if you need assistance with the modification of child custody or child support orders that are no longer workable or just need to be changed for any various reason. Our Austin child custody lawyer is prepared to give you the world-class representation you and your family deserve.

Austin Protective Orders Lawyer

Each day many people are affected by family violence. The law permits maximum protection for any victims of family violence in order to protect people from the traumatic effects of family violence, in Austin, Texas. In order to prevent further threats, harassment, and abuse, an Austin divorce lawyer can get a civil court judge to issue a protective order to anyone who is a victim of family violence. A protective order prohibits the offender from going near any location that the victim protected by a court order regularly attends. An offender that doesn’t abide by the terms of the protective order, can face serious punishment, including incarceration. At Newberry Law, PLLC, it’s a top priority to protect the safety of our clients. Our Austin Family Lawyer is highly experienced at collecting valuable evidence and obtaining protective orders from district or county attorneys, and other legal services.

It’s imperative to act fast when filing for a protective order, and our Austin Family Lawyer is ready to do everything in our power to get you the legal protection that you need to move on with your life.

Legal Separation

While contemplating divorce is common for many couples, the certainty of this decision can vary. In Texas, where legal separation is not acknowledged as it is in other states, there are still various feasible alternatives for couples seeking to live apart without undergoing a divorce. Recognizing these options is crucial, particularly for those who may not see divorce as the preferred solution.

Family Lawyer Services for Spousal Support

Spousal Support can be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis. Factors that are considered in determining spousal support include the length of the marriage, the earning capacity of the spouses and possibly other factors. Our family lawyer services can help you obtain the support you deserve.

Modification to a Divorce Order

Modification to a Divorce Order may be requested because of a significant change in circumstance. For child custody, the change could be a parent’s desire to relocate. For child support, a change in circumstance could involve a parent remarrying or a change in either parent’s income.

Common Law Marriage

Common Law Marriage involves many of the same issues as traditional marriage. When a common law marriage ends, the parties can participate in formal divorce proceedings. Newberry Law represents people who have ended common law relationships and have concerns regarding property, debt, and children.

Paternity Cases

Paternity Cases often raise issues regarding parental rights and child custody. Newberry Law provides family lawyer services for both mothers and fathers in paternity cases.

Grandparents Rights

Grandparents Rights often become a factor when grandparents wish to step in because their grandchildren are living in unsafe environments because of neglect, drug use, alcohol abuse, physical violence or other factors. Call us today to get an Austin divorce lawyer on your case!

Family Lawyer Services

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