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Austin Family Lawyer, Joe Newberry

Looking for an Austin Family Lawyer? Newberry Law, P.L.L.C., handles family law cases in Central Texas. We are an Austin Family Law Firm providing experienced, knowledgeable and creative family law representation to clients throughout our area. Since 1996, the firm has represented families in Austin and surrounding areas with family law matters including: divorce, property division, child custody and support.

Austin Divorce Lawyer, Joe Newberry joined the firm in 2008 and transitioned the firm to Newberry Law in 2016. He’s not just an Austin Family Lawyer, he is a board-certified family law attorney who will handle your case with care and dedication.

Choosing a family law attorney is a decision that can affect many people for the rest of their life. Any person who is looking for a family law attorney in Austin is in crisis and in need of someone who can provide support. Our firm handles one-hundred percent family law cases and can guide our clients in a respectable and strategic way.

We have handled thousands of family law cases since 1996 and are more than capable to handle any type of case relating to family law. The process of going through a family law case can be a tough one; however, Newberry Law is equipped with staff and attorneys who can make the task less stressful and provide excellent representation at the same time.

Board Certified Austin Family Lawyer

Joe M. Newberry is a board-certified Austin family lawyer, a qualification that less than one percent of Texas family law attorneys hold. His training has prepared him to handle some of the most difficult cases, including highly contested divorces, child custody, grandparents’ rights cases, interstate custody cases, high-value property division cases, child support cases, protective orders, enforcement of child support, and other family law cases with a high rate of success. Our staff has over 20 years of paralegal experience and can provide quick responses to our clients should our attorneys be in court or otherwise unavailable. With access to e-mail after hours our team is able to provide responses even to our clients who have after-hour emergencies.

At Newberry Law, P.L.L.C., we believe that the best solutions for an Austin Family Lawyer are the ones that are tailor made. We are highly attentive to the needs of our clients and take pride in our ability to craft unique solutions to unique problems.



At Newberry Law, PLLC, we know any issue of child custody or support can be emotionally charged. Some couples can settle the matter themselves through mediation, but many need to go before a court. Our board certified Austin family lawyer can accompany you with knowledgeable, compassionate representation. The best interests of your child is our number one priority and we are prepared to do what’s right by asserting your legal rights.

Our Austin divorce lawyer, is prepared to assist clients in all family law matters, including issues of child custody, child visitation, child support, parental rights, and the establishing primary residence.

You can also contact us if you need assistance with the modification of child custody or child support orders that are no longer workable or just need to be changed for any various reason. Our Austin child custody lawyer is prepared to give you the world-class representation you and your family deserve.


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If you are planning a divorce and are in need of an Austin Family Lawyer, or are involved in a custody battle and are in need of child custody lawyer services, or if you have any other type of family law issue, we invite you to call our firm at 512-320-8200 to arrange a consultation. You may also chat live to get a call back set up with an Austin Divorce Lawyer or fill out our contact form for one of our expert associates to follow up with you promptly.

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Austin Family Lawyer
Austin Family Lawyer | Family Law | Austin Divorce Lawyer
Joe Newberry is a trusted Austin Divorce Lawyer, Austin Family Lawyer, & Child Custody Attorney. Board Certified Family Lawyer focusing exclusively on Divorce and Family Law matters. Schedule your Free Family Law Consultation: 512-320-8200