Successful Co-Parenting is Key for Healthy Relationship After Divorce

Successful Co-Parenting is Key for Healthy Relationship After Divorce

Successful Co-Parenting Communication is Key
for a Healthy Relationship After Divorce

We can’t stress how important Successful Co-Parenting is post divorce. Many parents struggle to maintain consistent correspondence with the other parent. At the end of a relationship, tensions are high and frequently our children are the victims of this tension. In many cases, text messages and emails between parents are lost or deleted. Resulting in important evidence being destroyed in the process. Parents also struggle with the complication of handling communication between separate, very different households. Judges frequently order parents to use formal services for communication to ensure that records are kept. Parents must maintain a responsive, co-parenting role with the other parent. There are a few options for a more formal record-keeping of parents’ correspondence with one another. Parents can do themselves a favor by signing up and maintaining records of their correspondence through the following easy programs.

Our Family Wizard for Co-Parenting

Successful Co-ParentingOur Family Wizard is an online service to assist with healthy co-parenting which also offers a mobile App. The App features a message board that can be reviewed by both parents so that messages are never lost. There is a “shared parenting calendar” feature that simplifies the complicated schedules that parents often must keep up with for their children, and important dates can be equally available to both parents and extended family members. The App also features an information “bank” in which parents can store and share important contacts, details, medical information and so on. An “expense log” keeps up with necessary payments and reimbursements between the parents, as well as child support tracking.

A journal is used to share stories with the other parent, family, or simply view yourself. Finally, the App supplies important notifications to parents, and has other forms through which children, family members, and professionals can download and participate.

This App costs $99.00 for a one-year subscription, per parent, or $179.00 per parent for a two-year subscription. There are other pricing options for different packages, and can be viewed at

AppClose for Successful Co-Parenting

This app is a newer option for co-parenting parents available through the Apple App Store and GooglePlay. AppClose is comparable to Our Family Wizard. Except this App is free and charges no monthly fees or annual subscription fees. It also allows easy, viewable communication with the other parent and the option to add attorneys, care givers, family members, or other professionals to your correspondence record. Through this App you can also exchange receipts for reimbursements, child support, and other financial issues. It also offers a sharing portal for important information, such as medical records, school information, child care and emergency contacts.

Parents can search the App for individual messages by date or keyword, allowing an easy way to locate past information. You can sync your AppClose account to your personal calendar for added ease and to ensure that you do not have scheduling conflicts. Notifications can also be set up to ensure you never miss a message or schedule change.


Like the Apps mentioned above, 2houses offers an organized, notification-styled App for parents to keep up with messaging, scheduling, and financial issues. It is available through a web platform, Iphone, and Andriod. Along with a calendar, expense list, financial listing, a journal option and a message board, parents can upload a shopping list, share photographs, and create a to-do list. Schedule changes can require the other parent to “accept”, ensuring an agreement. You can also add another party (such as family, an attorney, or some mediating person) as “read only” so that they can review the information disclosed in the App as well.

The 2houses App offers a free fourteen-day co-parenting trial. However, this App is comparatively more expensive with an annual fee of about $120.00. This price offers all of the features of the App, unlike Our Family Wizard which offers more features for additional monthly or annual charges.