Protective Orders Attorney

Austin Protective Orders Attorney

Austin Protective Orders Attorney

Everyone Deserves a Safe Home

Protective Orders AttorneyEvery evening the TV news tells us our city streets are unsafe. But for many women, children, and even men, the most unsafe place they can be is in their own home. If you’ve been the victim of domestic abuse or assault or battery from a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a grown child, or a parent, help is available.

At Newberry Law, P.L.L.C. we take family violence very, very seriously. Contact our Austin family law office for immediate help with a Texas protective order.

No Excuses, Call a Protective Orders Attorney!

Sadly, we hear all the time from people who want to file for a protective order or file abuse charges that the police didn’t take reports of abuse seriously, or (many times) that another lawyer didn’t take the reports of abuse seriously or did not know how to proceed. If you’ve been abused in any way, we want to hear about it — in detail, and we don’t accept excuses from anyone when it comes to your safety, and we won’t be pushed aside. We’ve got over ten years of legal know-how behind us and we get things done, especially in abuse cases.

Board Certified family law specialist Joe Newberry has obtained Texas protective orders when others have failed or failed to try.

Domestic Violence & Divorce

Charges of domestic abuse or violence often come up during divorce. If you’re being battered, stalked, or threatened, Newberry Law, P.L.L.C. will take immediate action to get you a protective order or a restraining order to get the abuser out of the house.

On the other hand, divorce can also lead to false charges of domestic violence. An ethical attorney never counsels a client to lie about abuse. We investigate claims of abuse to prove that it did indeed occur, then we take it to court.

Child Abuse and Custody

Abuse and discipline is not the same thing. If the other parent of your child is committing child abuse and you want it to stop, we will work with you to document the abuse and get the abuse stopped immediately. Often a change of custody is warranted, and we have no problem getting the police, the Travis County Domestic Relations Office, the District or County Attorney, and Child Protective Services involved.

Nothing — nothing — is more important than the safety of your child. If there is child abuse, changing custody to the parent who does not abuse is relatively easy, especially with good documentation of abuse. Newberry Law, P.L.L.C. is experienced in child abuse situations, and we and our staff will work tirelessly in a child abuse situation, even putting off other client’s appointments and hearings, to get you a modification of child custody order.

The legal system does offer protection to battered women, abused children, and men who are victims of family violence, stalking and threatening behavior. Contact our Austin family law office for immediate legal help from a Board Certified attorney who is experienced in prosecuting abusive spouses or parents.


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