Austin Paternity Lawyer

Austin Paternity Lawyer

Austin Paternity Lawyer

Austin Paternity LawyerPaternity issues often involve much more than a DNA test. At Newberry Law, P.L.L.C. we regularly address issues of unwed father’s rights, child custody, child support, common law marriages and various types of lawsuits affecting the parent-child relationship. Our firm strives to deliver satisfying results to parents involved in these types of situations.

Establishing paternity is easy, but once you know a child is yours, there are a lot of other decisions to consider. Contact Newberry Law, P.L.L.C. to help you understand your rights.

An Austin Paternity Lawyer Can Answer Your Questions

Our firm regularly addresses paternity issues. Clients often come to our firm with many questions. We provide the legal help they need to address these questions and provide answers. We commonly handle issues such as the following:

I know I’m the father. Why should I get tested?

If you are not married to the mother, or if you are married but suspect the child is not yours, you can take a DNA paternity test to be sure. DNA tests can be administered through a cheek swab or blood test. Our firm can help you get a legally valid test and help you with child custody and support issues.

Do I have to pay child support?

Even if you do not have actual possession of the child or visitation rights, you are legally required to pay child support. The amount of support you must pay is determined by state guidelines.

How can I get child support?

Our firm helps custodial parents locate moms or dads who are not paying child support and bring them back into court. If the parent who is responsible to pay child support has a history of not paying child support, we likes to make that parent answer to a judge (not to you), sometimes every two to three months, and if the parent who is responsible to pay the child support does not pay, we will ask the judge to order that he or she go straight to jail. Judy & Joe will also requests attorney fees from the delinquent parent. Texas laws allow for the payment of attorney fees to be paid as child support, in a lump sum or monthly, so you can be paid back for having to hire a lawyer.

I want custody but we’re not married.

Even if you have not been part of your child’s life, it is sometimes possible to make a case for custody. Getting a change of custody will hinge on proving unfitness of the mother (for example, if there is child abuse or drug use). In other instances, we can help a father who wants child custody seek time to build the parental relationship, beginning with visitation and then working toward conservatorship step by step.

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You can protect your child and your parental rights. Contact our firm today to arrange a consultation.


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