Austin Family Law Attorney

Austin Family Law Attorney


At Newberry Law, P.L.L.C., we pride ourselves on our ability to handle any type of family law case in the Austin area. After years of litigating cases in front of numerous judges and jurisdictions, the overriding factor for all family law courts is to protect the children. The welfare of the parents and their property is secondary to the main issue of children in a family law case. Austin Family Law Attorney, Joe Newberry is ready to help you with your family law case in Austin, Texas.

Our Austin Family Law Attorney Principle is Simple:

Kids First

Are you facing an Austin child custody situation? All judges in the State of Texas are governed in family law cases to protect the children. The subject of any family law suit by applying a legal standard of “best interest of the child.” This gives them broad discretion to make orders necessary to insure that children are provided a safe, stable, non-violent environment where they can flourish. In each Austin family law case where child-related issues have not been determined, Austin divorce lawyer, Joe Newberry strives to solidify this area of the case first. We aim to relay this message to our clients in order to decisively maneuver the courtroom process.

Clients Second

In order to strategically stabilize the children in our cases, we focus on their well-being prior to the difficult process of the separation of the parents during this time. Most of the time these two factors are intertwined. Our office has honed a successful strategy to ensure that the children’s needs are always at the forefront of the judge’s mind. While keeping our client’s emotional, physical, and sometimes financial well-being protected in their Austin divorce case.

Property Third

The final part of litigating a family law case as an Austin Family Law Attorney either in Temporary Orders or in a Final Hearing is dealing with the parties’ and the children’s property. Our office handles complex property cases and is proficient in the current law in Texas regarding the division of the marital estate of the parties.

Austin Family Law Attorney, Joe M. Newberry graduated with a double major in finance and economics and has an extensive knowledge in the division of complex property. Including business evaluations, tax consequences of property, time-value of money issues, Texas Municipal Retirement System and Texas Retirement System issues and all other areas of the financial realm that is dealt with in a family law case in Texas. Our office has effectively litigated and mediated thousands of Austin divorce cases to the benefit of our clients’ bottom line. We are able to this by keeping on top of the latest law and utilizing our strategic and unique model.

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We believe that our extensive knowledge of the law and our ability to represent clients with a broad range of issues. Our office has the unique distinction of being readily prepared for any situation that can arise during a divorce in Austin. Our approach has led our office to be respected by fellow divorce attorneys in Austin and judges throughout Central Texas. By keeping true to this strategy we are confident in approaching any of our client’s Austin family law matters head on.

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